Stepping into Your Shero’s Journey: $75

* For women only. *

Do you shiver when you read Marianne Williamson’s quote, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure” and then feel confused?

“Me, powerful? And if so, what do I do with it?”

Do you keep feeling this huge desire to express yourself and this equally huge desire to make a difference – and then think, “Totally overwhelming, unbearably naive” or “Yes! But first let me raise the kids / get healthy / save more money and then I will…”

Are you hungry to do something creatively fulfilling that makes a real difference in the world, only it scares you so much, you keep doing what you’ve always done, until you are so bored, exhausted or cynical you no longer believe your “thing” is possible?

If these kinds of thoughts and feelings tie you in knots, and especially if you keep dismissing your desire to make a difference, you are being called to the she-ro’s journey – the call to transform the story of the future from doom and selfishness to a healthy, creative, fair and sustainable world.

Your she-ro’s journey is about a quest – the quest to claim your power, trust it, and use it transform the world – while following your truest desires. Your quest requires self-compassion, self-care, and doing what brings you alive – not martyrdom, burn out and proving yourself worthy.

If reading this makes you tremble, this is the course for you.

Join best-selling author and personal growth teacher Jen Louden, and a tribe of like-minded women, in recognizing and embracing your sh-ero’s journey.

The world needs your gifts more than ever – the time is now. Get the support you crave and deserve, and take your place as a leader and teacher. It’s time.

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