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buy nowCoach with Jen

Savor & Serve Strategy Sessions — powerful love poured on you and your work. I open up 6 to 8 spots every few months.

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buy nowThe Life Navigation Course

Eleven sessions of tailored tools to help you focus on your needs and navigate your sheroic dreams no matter what. – See more at:

LN_Small_Badge_300Eleven live sessions of tailored tools & lots of additional support to guide you in choosing & Shaping Your Truer Life. That’s the crux of it, isn’t it? How do you stay awake, relaxed, and determined to choose the life you want?

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buy nowCreating Your Own Mastermind Group

mastermind_badgeIf you have been looking for a way to organize and nurture a smart-hearted, fearlessly creative peer support group that is infused with honesty, devotion, and brilliance, join us! A learning experience that provides something for every kind of learner, maximum flexibility and a quick road map to getting a group up and running.

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buy nowWalking into Fire: Sidestepping Fear, Writing Your Heart Out, and Letting Your Story Tell Itself

Better Listen: Walking Into FirePlease join best-selling authors and experienced teachers Jen Louden, Susan Piver, and Patti Digh (here on out to be called DiLoPi) for a heart-expanding, writing refreshing day bursting with learning, craft, and creativity.

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buy nowBooks

Jennifer's BooksWould you love to explore your own needs and focus on some kindness for yourself… but feel like you can’t because your life just keeps on overflowing?

Or think that restoring and nourishing yourself through retreating sounds lovely…but who has the time?

Let me give you a hand–as well as a safe and nurturing place to work on this. The books I’ve written are meant to empathize with you and meet you where you’re at, and then to help you find the time to give back to yourself, even in the most hectic of life schedules. You don’t have to go it alone; these books can be your companion on this journey.

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buy nowSatisfaction Finder

product-sampleEnd Comparisons, Overwhelm, Procrastination and Lots of Other Persnickety Issues and Get Your Genius into the World

“There is great wisdom in the simplicity of this approach. I really have felt the delicious satisfaction of ‘enough’. I’ve already recommended it to everyone with whom I’ve had a conversation about that creeping sense of overwhelm. I will continue to sing your praises to all who will listen!” –Marianne Elliot,

Learning how to be satisfied—how to declare what “enough” is—will liberate your energy and help you not only get stuff done, but start enjoying all that you already have right now.

I’ve watched novelists zoom past writer’s blocks, moms enjoy their children more, corporate employees launch their own businesses, bloggers actually blog, artists actually paint.

You can too!

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buy nowThe Shero’s School for Revolutionaries

originalYou are called. Your gifts are desperately needed. Join over 20 Sheros in practical, intimate and mystical conversations exploring how to fully and joyfully express your gifts in service to the world.  Women are transforming the world. You are called. Join the revolution.

Grab your Sanity Support Kit Here Enjoy the Life Organizer App, Motivational Emails & Journal Prompts