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The Oasis

What might be possible if you had the breathing space and the very best tools to guide and navigate your truest life – a life that shimmers with more of what you want to experience, to accomplish, to share?

Satisfaction Finder

End Comparisons, Overwhelm, Procrastination and Lots of Other Persnickety Issues and Get Your Genius into the World

I’ve watched novelists zoom past writer’s blocks, moms enjoy their children more, corporate employees launch their own businesses, bloggers actually blog, artists actually paint.

You can too!

Creating Your Own Mastermind Group

If you have been looking for a way to organize and nurture a smart-hearted, fearlessly creative peer support group that is infused with honesty, devotion and brilliance, this self-paced, affordable course is it! Maximum flexibility and a super quick road map to getting a group up and running.


Would you love to live with no holding back… but feel like you can’t because your life just keeps on overflowing or getting high-jacked by others? Or maybe you just have no idea how?

The books I’ve written meet you where you’re at, and then to help you find the time to give back to yourself, even in the most hectic of life schedules. These are not books that preach – instead, you’ll find stories, suggestions and mindful questions – with beautiful images and great design – to help you stay awake to what you want to experience and give.

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Mentoring with Jen

Coming soon: Are You Going to Finish That? Writing and content creation coaching packages designed to get the work done with love, spaciousness, and compassionate grit.


The Life Navigation Course

A deep dive how-to choose and build a life of more. This course is very powerful. How do you stay awake, relaxed, and determined to choose the life you want? You can with these tools and my support.


TeachNow is a 6-part online program called “best ever” by a whole bunch of people who have taken it. In TeachNow Jen covers so many aspects of teaching nobody ever talks about – the inner work of teaching – and also tackles the nuts and bolts. Teaching as both spiritual work and service and as a way to make a living – wowza. Plus, you’ll have access to interviews with a whole bunch of master teachers – Natalie Goldberg, Elizabeth Lesser, Keri Smith, Mark Nepo, Parker Palmer, Meg Wheatley + 49 more.

TeachNow transforms lives…

The Shero’s School for Revolutionaries

You are called. Your gifts are desperately needed. Join over 20 Sheros in practical, intimate and mystical conversations exploring how to fully and joyfully express your gifts in service to the world. Women are transforming the world. You are called. Join the revolution.


I’ve helped a million+ people plumb the question: How do you shape & live your truest life?

No pat answers, just imperfection you can use.

I’ve helped a million+ people plumb the question: How do you shape & live your truest life?

No pat answers, just imperfection you can use.