Listening Deeply with Mark Nepo

Listening deeply with Mark Nepo transforms me. Me, and millions of others, ever since Mark’s work was discovered by Oprah. We are wonder struck by Mark’s poetic truth-telling and presence.

We spent a week together two years ago at a writing retreat I was lucky enough to be invited to that will always be a highlight of my life.

Mark has a new book out that you must read. MUST. It’s called Seven Thousands Ways to Listen. While reading this book, I am transformed in to a calmer more open person. A person who listens more deeply. I will be reading this book, like all his books, for years to come. For forever actually.

Listen in as Mark and I talk about::

  • What the reward for listening is
  • How Mark writes
  • Why tools and technology highjack listening and how to slow down until life opens to us
  • Why you need not despair when you find yourself gobbling cookies and closing your heart to yourself yet again
  • The difference between the soul’s calling and the call of the soul, and how they work together to guide you
  • How the work of the world and the work of the Self are the same, and how we can best encounter the challenges of our time

Make time to savor Mark’s kind wisdom. And please check out his new book, his Seattle event (I’ll be there ) and his newest from Sounds True.

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  • Christa Gallopoulos

    Not seeing the recording? And yet, I’ve already downloaded the book! Thanks, Jen!

    • jenlouden

      it was because I save it incorrectly :)

  • Dana

    Wow! This is hands down one of the most beautiful, impact-full conversations I have ever had the privilege to hear. Thank you so much. I am beyond inspired, and thrilled to witness both of you in this incredible sharing of your wisdom. With love, Dana

    • jenlouden

      Dana that is fantasic.

  • Lynn

    Rich, rich interview with so many wonderful moments I have pages of notes and a newly softened heart. Thank you Jen and Mark.

    • jenlouden

      that is so great Lynn thank you for being here

  • Michelle Wilson

    Beautiful! I found myself with goosebumps, tears, and smiles during the interview. Thank you, Jen, for sharing this with the world!

    • jenlouden

      you bet thanks for listening Michelle!

  • Lisa Carmen

    boo… i keep trying to listen and nothings happening – just says ‘connecting’… i will come back later – MUST hear this! likely a connectivity issue on my end!

    • jenlouden

      Lisa I can play it so it might be your side. sorry!

      • Lisa Carmen

        listening now- WOW!

  • Lisa Carmen

    wow… this call is amazing. is there a transcript available?

  • Darrah Parker

    Cracked open by the poem at the end. The sweet ache of being alive is how I know I’m here. Yes. Thank you. xoxo

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