Hire Me

Thanks for being curious about hiring me.

Right now, the best ways to work with me are:

  • Creating Your Own Mastermind Group — your road map to organizing and nurturing a smart-hearted, fearlessly creative peer support group that is infused with honesty, devotion, and brilliance.
  • Savor & Serve Strategy Coaching Sessions — insight & love poured on you / your business / your book / your teaching. Go here to book a slot.
  • Retreat with me — I’d love to be in sacred space with you, playing, writing, listening. List of current retreats are here.
  • Interested in teaching what you love? I co-created a course called “best ever” by a bunch of people. Lots of great freebies (including 2 free classes) and  TeachNow opens for enrollment early 2015 and I write a great newsletter in the meantime so go here.

Interested in what I’ve done in the past? Click here for 15 things that led me here or go here for media and speaking glory stories.

Be sure and sign up for my list – right over there by my saucy red photo – so you get the word on what’s happening. It’s the only way to get a spot in my retreats and to get other just for subscribers stuff.

Grab your Sanity Support Kit Here Enjoy the Life Organizer App, Motivational Emails & Journal Prompts