Captivating Your Book with Jeffrey Davis


Jeffrey Davis tracks wonder for a living. He thrives as a thought leader, consultant, and veteran book strategist in helping creatives and professionals advance books, brands, and other seemingly impossible but possible projects. He is founder of Tracking Wonder Consulting & Programs and writes for Psychology Today, The Creativity Post, and other publications.

I adore Jeffrey Davis – he’s smart, he’s ethical, he does his best to live by yogic principles and he’s practical. I have turned to him repeatedly to help me with my writing and have sent clients his way many times.

Jeffrey has a new book program, Your Captivating Book, launching and I am seriously thinking about taking it. I had him on to chat about the program and about how to write a book. This is not a promo interview – you know me, I love turning you on to good stuff but only if you can learn a ton if spending money is not an option or the right choice for you right now.

Jeffrey talks about:

  • Why you must get help to write a book.
  • Vital distinctions for beginning writers and seasoned writers well along in a book project.
  • A wonderful way to find your working singular elegant idea for your book, even if it’s a big creative mess.
  • “Vivkea” which is a Sanskrit word meaning (sort of ) “this, not that” and how you can learn to choose what goes in to your book and what stays out.
  • Jeffrey’s moving story of starting to teach at 16 and how it is still with him today.
  • The 3 card system for designing the experience you want your reader to have.
  • The myth that great writers go it alone and why you need your own Maxwell Perkins.

May your book form sure and clear with Jeffrey’s help. Thanks for listening and if you want to know when the Saturday Savor & Serve Sessions are live, or have access to the archives, be sure and be on the “everything” list here.

And info on Jeffrey’s book coaching program is here!

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Lynne Tolk - February 16, 2013

Thank you for this, Jen! I’ve been wanting to write a book all my life (started 2) and decided it’s just beyond me, somehow (and I know that’s an untrue assumption). You and Jeffrey are such a breath of fresh air! I’m inspired!

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