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The Life Organizer Sanity Support Kit

Desktop and mobile versions of The Life Organizer app (so snazzy!)

10 random funny hopeful email reminders on living your true life

A printable day planner (all the questions from The Life Organizer book)


Minimum Requirements for Self-Care Audio

Listening to this short audio will change how you think about self-care forever. Savoring in a very practical form.


Sample of the Satisfaction Finder

My famous digital kit that helps you decide what is enough in daily, practical ways is, well, famous for helping people get out of – and stay out of – overwhelm and vicious comparison. A little taste.


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Inner Circle, Don’t Miss a Thing, Best Way to get a Place at Taos Writing Retreat

(1 to 2x Weekly)

Just Highlights Please

(1 to 2x Monthly)

“Thank you for helping me to achieve my transformation back to my true self.”

– Rebekah

“Ooooooooooooh………….. it’s like having a sensible big sister or great friend whispering in my ear every time I read one of your missives. You help more than you know.”

– Jane U.K.

“Late at night when I can’t sleep and am alone with only my thoughts… I will pull up your blog or pull out my VERY worn The Woman’s Comfort Book and your words ALWAYS helps. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Monica E., England

“The work you do is so valuable, so fine, so life changing for so many women. I personally know dozens of women who have you to thank for landmark changes they have made.”

– Pixie

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